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Did Ike Turner hit Tina turner?

Yes, Ike did hit Tina... A LOT!!! But that's in the past now. Yes it was really horrible what Ike did to her but she forgave him. thats still no way to do a woman
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Why did Ike Turner beat Tina Turner?

Since we never really know if he did it since he never admitted it, we don't know. But some people are very insecure and wants control. Tina was the star of the band and he ha (MORE)

Who is Tina turner?

Tina turner is the queen of pop. she also have gotten beatten by her used to be husband Ike turner. if you want to learn more about her watch the movie," whats love got to do (MORE)

Does Tina Turner have grandchildren?

Yes, Tina does have grandchildren. If you watch this from youtube. Oprah says "And Grandmother..." Also Those LEGS! Oh My Gosh those (MORE)

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