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What difficulties does Tiresias predict for the journey to come?

He predicts that Poseidon is not going to throw him off track, but take him to the herd of Helios. If Odysseus and his men do not take any cattle then they will sail back ho (MORE)

What is blind tiresias' prophecy to Odysseus?

1. Much sadness lies ahead because of Poseidon 2. One narrow straight will get you through, Scylla and Charybdis, but restrain your crew 3.Then you'll get to the land of Helio (MORE)

Compare and contrast Odysseus reactions to the three ghosts he meets in the land of the dead-elpensor anticlea and tiresias?

Although i highly recommend you read the " land of the dead" here is the answer!   The three ghosts which Odysseus meets are Elpenor, Anticlea, and Tiresias. Elpenor: Odyss (MORE)

What omen does tiresias report in antigone?

He warns the king that birds were killing each other. And when he  placed a sacrifice on the table and tried to light it, it just  disintegrated.
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What does tiresias tell Odysseus to when he finally reaches home?

Odysseus did not see the spirit if Tiresias when he finally reached home. He saw it when he was in Italy. He foretells Odysseus's fate: that he will return home, reclaim his w (MORE)

Why does Oedipus doubt what Tiresias tells him about the identity of Laius's murderer?

Because Tiresias tells him that he is the murderer, and he is not a thief, and doesn't believe that he had anything to do with it, although he finds out later that he did.
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