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How did Robert Ballard discover the Titanic?

Dr. Robert Ballard utilized the Argo, which was a deep sea  underwater craft. Going by what he found when he used the Argo to  search for two sunken Navy submarines, he then (MORE)
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Who discovered the sunken Titanic?

The wreck was located on the ocean bottom on September 1, 1985. The discovery was made by the teams led by Dr. Robert Ballard and French oceanographer Jean-Louis Michel aboard (MORE)

What were titans?

  In Greek mythology the Titans were a race of giants who ruled the world before Zeus and co.   The King of the Titans was Cronos who married Rhea and had 6 children. H (MORE)

Is Titanic a he or a she?

All ships are a she. Titanic was one of three Olympic class ships. Her sister ship Brtannic was sunk during WW1 when being used as a hospital ship.   he but it has a sister (MORE)
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When was titan cave discovered?

  i believe it was discovered in 1999. the team broke through in to the huge chamber on new years day. There is however evidence that the cave may have been first found 20 (MORE)
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Where is the Titanic wreckage and who was the first one who discovered Titanc?

Though a number of folks looked for Titanic as technology made searching for the wreck possible, it wasn't until Jean-Louis Michel, of the French Research Institute for Exploi (MORE)
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Is the Titanic a she or a he?

Well, in technical terms the Titanic is a she ---------------------------------------------------------------- Yes Titanic is a she and the sister to the Olympic. - - - - - - (MORE)