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What was the total cost of the Exxon Valdez?

Because the spill impacted 1,300 miles, it took the Exxon Valdez Company four summers to clean up the spill. Some oil may still remain on the beaches. It took 10,000 workers, (MORE)

What was the total cost of the Hoover Dam?

Answer . As approved by Congress in the Boulder Canyon Project Act, $165,000,000 was authorized to complete the Boulder Canyon Project which includes the Imperial Dam, Hoov (MORE)

What is the Total Cost of Ownership of sharepoint?

  Licensing:     License the Windows server(s).     Every server must run Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later. That's around $800     License for the the (MORE)

What is total revenue minus total costs?

Total revenue minus total costs is the total profit of a producer.  This can be increased by increasing the price, decreasing the costs  while keeping the price constant and (MORE)

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What is the cost of a total knee replacement?

The cost of total knee replacement varies depending on age, type of surgery, brand of replacement, and other factors. In the United States, an uninsured patient can expect to (MORE)

What is the total cost of NASA today?

From 1958 to 2011 (53 years) it amounts to $526.18 billion. This  amount is less than what is spent on defense by America in a single  year.    Per year, it costs $16 (MORE)

What was the total cost of world war i?

World War 1 was around $208 billion financially. In terms of lives lost, around 9.4 million.
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