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How do you be a tough guy?

Answer . Seeing things not through your eyes,but through your heart.Figure out what you matter and what is important to you,then everything else seems not impact you so muc (MORE)
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How do you become tough?

Be like Jeremy Renner in The Hurt Locker and just stop caring that's what i did and it works.
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How do you act tough?

Try jogging around the block for an hour or two... then lift some weights for an half an hour... after you do that every day... u will be tough! but how to act tough... first. (MORE)
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What is toughness?

Toughness is hard to measure, but it will usually refer to thestrength of someone, or how confident they act, and go aboutthemselves. People that are tough are usually more ma (MORE)
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Does casio tough solar watch ever need battery replacing?

No. the battery could potentially last for more than 40 years, so long as it's regularly charged. However, these watches have only been around for 10 years so we'll have to se (MORE)
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How tough is ballet?

Its tough if you have never done it before but if you have been doing it for years you will find it quite easy! It also requires concentration, practice, flexibility, and gr (MORE)
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What are the examples of toughness?

that depends it could be for metals which would be like: . a car bumper it could be for work like: . hard work . tough guy(hard working)
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How do you tough kiss?

If you want to kiss with tounges. the boys start first move and then the girls just go along with it :D
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How do you tough?

Walk up to the toughest person, punch them in the face as hard as you can and noone will mess with you cus ur the new tough kid
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Is it tough nuggies or tough noogies?

Most on the net seem to use noogies. I always heard nuggies, but maybe that's a New York variant. Like sangwich.