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No. WikiAnswers does not watch anyone. It works by answering the question that we have searched, or seen on the homepage.. Also, you should not add questions such as this t (MORE)

Does casio tough solar watch ever need battery replacing?

No. the battery could potentially last for more than 40 years, so long as it's regularly charged. However, these watches have only been around for 10 years so we'll have to se (MORE)

What are watches?

The main purpose of watch is to check the time so we can say watches are time checking machines but nowadays watches are more than a time machine they are use as a fashion and (MORE)

Why are plastics tough?

In the main, plastics are tough, ignoring soft, crinkly plastics like plactic bags, because they are 1)polymers, meaning they have very long chain molecules, and 2), these mol (MORE)
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Is plywood tough?

Plywood is very tough depending on the thickness. It is made up of multiple thin layers of wood glued together so that the grains do not all run the same direction.
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Is toughness a noun?

Yes, the word 'toughness' is a noun ; a word for the state ofbeing strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or roughhandling; the ability to deal with hardship or to cop (MORE)