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What is toughness?

Toughness is hard to measure, but it will usually refer to the  strength of someone, or how confident they act, and go about  themselves. People that are tough are usually m (MORE)

Does casio tough solar watch ever need battery replacing?

No. the battery could potentially last for more than 40 years, so long as it's regularly charged. However, these watches have only been around for 10 years so we'll have to se (MORE)

How tough is it to get into geology?

In terms of jobs, in comparison to other jobs not that tough! The world is currently in demand for geologists, especially those doing mineral and mining geology, as the evolvi (MORE)

Why is it tough to be a wiccan?

It is tough to be a Wiccan in the modern world because Wicca and its followers have gotten a bad reputation because of things people did to our ancestors, who weren't necessar (MORE)
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How do you tough?

Walk up to the toughest person, punch them in the face as hard as you can and noone will mess with you cus ur the new tough kid
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Are owls tough?

if you are a mouse, rabbit or small rodent they are very tough. If you have a shotgun (or a baseball bat and a good eye) they are not so tough

Is it tough to get into fidm?

Well it depends on your GPA because it's different for everyone. If you have a strong GPA and maybe have past work experience (even retail) then it looks good to the advisers. (MORE)