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What is transactional?

The word transactional essentially means a thing that has  transactions involved. You could say that running a store is  transactional.

What is transactional listening?

A transactional use of language, is used primarily to communicate information ; e.g., news broadcasts and lectures. In contrast with interactional listening, transactional lis (MORE)

Communication is transactional?

a communicative action or activity involving two parties or things that reciprocally affect or influence each other source: (MORE)

What is transaction?

Transaction is accrue between tow parties like any business-related exchange such as Payments to employees, Sales to customers and payments to the suppliers. Thus, processing (MORE)

What are the transactions that you can do online?

Given below is a small list of transactions that you can do online: Banking Balance enquiry Transaction history Use ICICI Bank Funds Transfer (eCheques) to: Transfer funds bet (MORE)

What is data transaction?

Transactional data is information that can be updated at random intervals with an expiration constraint, which is driven by data inputs and outputs of the record.