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What is a transgenic organism?

A transgenic organism is an organism that has been genetically engineered. It has genes from more than one organism.
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What is transgenic organism?

A transgenic organism is a viable organism whose genome is engineered to contain a certain amount of foreign DNA    Transgenic organism is a modern genetic technology. Th (MORE)

What are transgenic mammals?

Transgenic mammals are mammals produced by genetic engineering of two species of animals within the same class genre eg. Tiger + Lion =Tigons a transgenic mammal.
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What is a transgenic origanism?

a transgenic organism is that organism in which the genes is genetically engineered.One of the best way of preaparing a DNA which has an important part of another gene is by R (MORE)
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What is a transgenic fish?

a genetically modified fish for better production, disease resistance and can be markatable without any health concern or ecologically healthy also.

What are transgenic organisms?

Organisms created by man in laboratories where the DNA of theorganism is made from more than one species.
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