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What is the value of a 20 gauge Tristar side by side?

  The mfg. suggested retail is around $1350 or even a tad higher, but a gun in "new" condition (read "unfired") would likely have a real world value of $850 to $950. That (MORE)
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Do you say in the picture or on the picture?

In the picture, if you're talking about something that is imaged (colors and shapes). You say "On the picture" if there is some object resting on top of the picture
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What is a picture?

Definitions   A visual representation (of an object or scene or person or abstraction) produced on a surface; "They showed us the pictures of their wedding"; "A movie is (MORE)

Can mossberg shot gun parts fit tristar shot gun?

DO NOT TRY THIS!! Never use parts not made for the weapon you are using ****From what I've read in other shotgun forums, the stocks may be interchangeable on the two. As far (MORE)

What televisions have picture in picture?

There are too many televisions to offer a definitive list here but a few a listed below. Please feel free to add other models with picture in picture to the list. Here are som (MORE)

What are pictures?

A picture is simply a photo of something or someone on a piece of card , paper , etc , ect. A picture can sometimes be something to treasure memories or simply just a decortio (MORE)