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What is truth?

The Bible teaches that this sense of lostness is rooted in the fact that we live in a fallen world in which we are all handicapped by a sin nature: we "all have sinned and fal (MORE)

What is the truth?

That's a question that has been asked for many years. The answer varies from person to person. What I consider to be the truth may not be the same thing to you. Truth also has (MORE)

Is the truth out there?

  Yes. It must be there, by even asking the question you are assuming that you will receive a true response. Even had I said "No" you would have thought that I could be ri (MORE)
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Truths for truth or dare?

Here are some truths for "Truth or Dare" . If you were born again, what would you like to be? . 100 years from now when you are on your death bed - name three regrets you (MORE)

What is truthfulness?

1.Being honest and telling the truth is truthfulness 2. Consistently telling the truth; honest. 3. Corresponding to reality; true. The greatest enemy of any one of our trut (MORE)

What is truth to you?

  truth: That which can not be altered, without the ability to know; That once known will change everything. The answer to the final question WHY?
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Is this the truth?

  This is a logical fallacy. That's like asking "What is the smell of the color nine?" Your asking if a question is the truth, when the question is asking for a truth and (MORE)

What is personal truth and universal truth?

Ques: What is personal truth and universal truth? Ans: Personal truth is a truth known individually, and universal truth is a truth known worldly. Ans: Personal truth is w (MORE)

The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

This phrase has been used in English law courts since the Middle Ages, possibly from time immemorial, it certainly was in use by the 13th century. Nobody is credited with havi (MORE)