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What is a tubular pregnancy?

Answer . A tubular pregnancy is when a fertilized egg has lodged in the Fallopian tube. It is painful, often ruptures, seek medical attention right away. The pregnancy wil ( Full Answer )
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What is tubular reabsorption?

Tubular reabsorption is the movement of filtrate from renal tubules back into blood in response to the body's specific needs.
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What are tubular urters?

The ureter is actually a tube. The tube's function is to carryurine from the kidney to the urinary bladder.
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What is tubular truss?

A tubular truss is a truss that has struts and chords that arecomposed of cylindrical tubes or pipes. They are used for largeconstructions including factories, shopping malls, ( Full Answer )
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What is tubular suspension?

Aftermarket (usually) suspension components, usually upper and lower a arms (front suspension) manufactured from tubular steel (basically high strength pipe) making it stronge ( Full Answer )
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What does a tubular cell do?

a major role of the cell is to absorb glucose from the fluid passing along the tubule and pass it into the blood
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What is tubular load?

The total amount of a substance that enters the tubular portion of the nephron each minute is said to be tubular load.
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What is tubular excretion?

Very generally, excretion is the removal of substance from the body (micturition or defecation are good examples). Tubular excretion is probably referring to excretion of (fil ( Full Answer )
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What is a tubular worm?

There is no such organism known strictly as a "tubular worm." However, members of the genus Lamellibrachia , family Surpulidae , family Sabellidae , phylum Phoronida , ord ( Full Answer )
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What is a tubular vegetable?

I think you mean a tuber vegetable. Which are root vegetables such as, carrots, potatos, turnips, radishes, etc....