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How do you draw the Tudor rose?

The Tudor rose is a combination of the white rose of the House of  York and the red rose of the House of Lancaster. It features a  small white flower with five petals and a (MORE)

What is the meaning of the Tudor rose?

Answer - Tudor Rose It comes from the times of the English War of the Roses between the royal houses of Lancaster (Red Rose emblem) and York (White Rose emblem). The wars end (MORE)

Why was Tudor rose so important?

The Tudor Rose was so important because it was the symbol of the joining of the two Royal families of York and Lancaster, who were both descended from the sons of Edward III. (MORE)

What was the Tudor rose used for?

Quite a few things! It was used as a badge on servant's liveries (uniform), to show that they worked for the Tudors. It was also used for decoration, to rub in the fact the th (MORE)

How did the Tudor rose come into being?

The Tudor rose came into being because of the war of the roses. The war of the roses was a war fought between two large and powerful families in Tudor times: The House of York (MORE)

What was the Tudor rose?

The Tudor Rose is a combination of a red and white rose (white on red). In the middle ages, during the Plantagenet dynasty, the Wars of the Roses lasted almost 100 years and w (MORE)