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How do you remove stains from Tupperware?

Use baking soda and hot water to wash the plastic. It may take some soaking to accomplish this.
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Is tupperware better than plastic bags?

Tupperware is much better than plastic bags! A plastic bag is  usually thrown away after one use. Tupperware sandwich containers  can be bought for a little more money but, (MORE)

What is a tupperware party?

Tupperware parties are gatherings hosted by someone who sells Tupperware products. The person will invite friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. to a specific site (usually their (MORE)

Can you freeze marinated meat in tupperware?

  Well you CAN, but the tupper wear will leave a lot of air in and the air will cause freezer burn, better to use a freezer bag, add in the meat and push out as much air a (MORE)

Can I put a tupperware bowl in the freezer?

  Yes if it is real tupperware. You can put most plastic in the freezer, the problem is that when very cold some plastic is a bit brittle.
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Can tupperware be recycled?

Yes! While Tupperware has a lifetime guarantee and is designed to be used over and over again, it can also be recycled if it's broken or damaged. Many of the recycle codes of (MORE)

Is Tupperware plastic safe?

Yes! Each Tupperware product is specifically designed and tested to be safe (and it's guaranteed for life) It is important to note that some Tupperware products are microwave (MORE)

What is a tupperware?

A Tupperware is a plastic type of container that is primarily used  for storage, mainly foods. The product was initially introduce in  the 1960s and have since grown in popu (MORE)

Is tupperware dishwasher safe?

There are a few special Tupperware products that should be  hand-washed. See the Tupperware site for a listing.   According to the manufacturer, Tupperware purchased afte (MORE)