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Where is Tupperware manufactured?

Answer . From their SEC 10k statement: . Products sold by Tupperware are primarily produced by Tupperware in its manufacturing facilities around the w (MORE)

What is a tupperware?

A Tupperware is a plastic type of container that is primarily used  for storage, mainly foods. The product was initially introduce in  the 1960s and have since grown in popu (MORE)

Can tupperware be recycled?

Yes! While Tupperware has a lifetime guarantee and is designed to be used over and over again, it can also be recycled if it's broken or damaged. Many of the recycle codes of (MORE)

What does Tupperware mean?

  Tupperware is a Canadian company that makes mainly kitchen items including storage containers, dishes, cutlery etc.   Originally, they made their name with plastic, s (MORE)

What is a tupperware party?

Tupperware parties are gatherings hosted by someone who sells Tupperware products. The person will invite friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. to a specific site (usually their (MORE)

Why is Tupperware important?

Tupperware, is one of the greatest inventions in American History. Tupperware is so important because whenever we, Americans, of this generation, need our food to be hot, and (MORE)