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What is a turnip?

A turnip is a vegetable quite like potato but slightly sweeter. A turnip is a round root vegetable. It is white at the bottom and purple or red at the top.

How do you can turnips?

Answer . I have heard that turnips freeze better, but I know my father-in-law canned them. Canning was a hobby for him and he was good at it. I found this receipe hope it (MORE)

How do you cut turnip?

Turnip is a big tough vegetable, rather like a pumpkin, though with a thinner skin. . You might be able to peel it with a vegetable peeler. . Then cut it in half with a (MORE)

Where did turnips come from?

The turnip vegetable originated in Europe. Turnips can be cooked avariety of ways and stewed turnips are a very popular dish inSouthern soul food cuisine.

Does a turnip have seeds?

No but you can bury it with a shovel and water it each day to prevent it going rotten and then sell them to nook when he offers a decent price for turnips. But an easier way t (MORE)

Does turnip have seeds?

If you're talking about in Animal Crossing Wild World, then yes. Every Sunday a pig person thing (I think she's a pig) comes to your town. Her name is Joan. You can buy turnip (MORE)
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What is boring into your turnips?

A common problem among the turnip grower. I'm afraid to say the turnip worm is most likely responsible for this. They love turnips. They are immune to nearly all chemicals and (MORE)

How can you describe a turnip?

A turnip is a vegetable. It grows leaves out the top which are longand narrow and grows a rounded diamond shaped purplish and whitebulb under the dirt.