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I am a fifteen year old female and don't know what colours to decorate my bedroom with I don't like the typical colours like pink and I want to be different please help?

At fifteen, you will have some ideas about your favourite things, colours, fashions etc. That is where your inspiration should come from. Start with your clothing. Do you w (MORE)

Where is the quote this is typical of you Hilary always defending mugabe from it was on a comedy show and i cant think who said it or what show its on please help?

Love this quote! But it was in fact Jack Whithall on 8 Out Of 10 Cats S07E12. Probs the best episode with David Mitchell, Claudia Winkleman and Ken Livingston. Sorry to cor (MORE)

Can someone Help me I am doing a consumer math assignment Assuming this was a typical week how much do you spend on luxuries in an average month assume a month has 4.5 weeks?

The idea is for YOU to make an estimate how much YOU spend on luxuries, not how much somebody else, in another part of the world, spends on luxuries. Think how much you spent (MORE)