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How do u find the range?

If you are talking math this is what you do: line your group of numbers into a line from least to greatest. Take your least number and your greatest number and basically subtr (MORE)


TO U CH This is a brain teaser and if I am correct it is written as shown below: T O C H U The answer is "You are out of touch" Does it ring a bell...;)

What were the dimensions of a U-boat?

There were different sized U-boats so the dimensions varied. There is a website that has the dimensions of all U-boats from the very first commissioned one prior to WW1 to tod (MORE)
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Do he love u if he give u a kiss?

Well I'm a girl and it might be that he likes you but to boys it probably doesn't mean anything and if they don't like you they are just doing it to get a girl jealous or some (MORE)

What should you do if u told a guy u like him and now he is avoiding u but he told u he likes u 2?

be patient, he told you he liked you, the hard part is over. now just wait for it to play out. he is probably avoiding you because he doesn't no how to react to it. when you d (MORE)

What is the Wii U?

The Wii U is Nintendo's latest console, released between November 18th and December 12th 2012 in various parts of the world. Its flagship feature, the Wii U Gamepad, is a cont (MORE)

Who invented the U-Boat?

The U-Boat or U-boot, which is the shortened version of  Unterseeboot, where first used by Germany in World War 1 to  terrifying effect against commercial ships. This create (MORE)

What living thing begins with U?

· Ural Owl · Unicorn Fish · Uakari · Uganda Kob (a type of antelope found in Africa) · Uganda Woodland-warbler · Uguisu · Ulysses Butterfly · Umbrel (MORE)