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What is a U bomb?

A U-Bomb was believed to be an Atomic (fission explosion) or Hydrogen (fusion explosion) Bomb with a Uranium Casing. The casing was supposedly made of U-238, residual uranium (MORE)
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What are u-values?

A U value is a measure of heat loss in a building element such as a wall, floor or roof. It can also be referred to as an 'overall heat transfer co-efficient' and measures how (MORE)

What is a U-Boat?

U-Boat was the name used by the Allies for German submarines particularly during WW2.   U-Boat stood for Unterseeboot, the German for submarine. Unterseeboot was actually a (MORE)


TO U CH This is a brain teaser and if I am correct it is written as shown below: T O C H U The answer is "You are out of touch" Does it ring a bell...;)

What does the U stand for in the Wii U console?

Well acouple things, Nintendo during E3 said that it means you as in the gamer. A system built for Wii ( your family, friends, whatever) and for U. It's also a cleaver way t (MORE)
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Do he love u if he give u a kiss?

Well I'm a girl and it might be that he likes you but to boys it probably doesn't mean anything and if they don't like you they are just doing it to get a girl jealous or some (MORE)

What is the Wii U?

The Wii U is Nintendo's latest console, released between November 18th and December 12th 2012 in various parts of the world. Its flagship feature, the Wii U Gamepad, is a cont (MORE)

Does bully have a short U or long U?

It has neither. The U in bull and bully has a short OO (uh-oo) sound as in book and fully. The short OO is heard in the words foot, look, and good.
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