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How do general elections work in the UK?

The UK is divided into about 650 constituencies. In each constituency people vote for an MP from a number of candidates. Most candidates represent a political party but a few (MORE)

Who will win the next UK general election?

Well that's an unknown. Polling over the last five years (between  this election and the last election) has shown a Conservative party  leading. Over the last few months tha (MORE)

What is a general election?

A general election is an election in which all or most members of a given political body are up for election. General election is also a term used in opposition to p (MORE)

In the UK General Elections what happens if the leader of a major party loses in his own constituency?

A new leader will be elected from within the successful candidates, by the successful candidates. This situation happened in Australia at the last Federal election when the (MORE)

How do general elections in UK make strong and stable government?

Through the UK's parliamentary electoral system (First-past-the-post), the winning party nearly almost always rules a majority government (meaning they have at least 326 Membe (MORE)

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