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How do you print an umlaut?

German Keyboards have keys for the extra German characters of course. You can use ALT + nnnn combinations otherwise. ä = ALT 0228 ö = ALT 0246 ü = ALT 0252 (MORE)

How do you make an i umlaut?

The letter i does not take umlaut, which is a particular kind of change in vowel pronunciation, sometimes indicated by a double dot above the letter. The double dot above a le (MORE)
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How do you type an a with an umlaut?

For a lowercase 'a' with an umlaut, hold down the alt key and press 0282 For an uppercase 'a' with an umlaut, hold down the alt key and press 0196

How do you get an umlaut on a word?

Change your keyboard settings so that you can type them naturally with your keyboard. Alternatively, for fast access, go to the wiki page for umlaut and copy the ASCII represe (MORE)

What is umlaut?

A sound change where a vowel was modified to conform more closely to the vowel in the next syllable.

Where is the umlaut on a keyboard?

It is not on the keyboard. Go on Excel to top of page and click on Insert then Symbol where the letter with umlaut already added can be found. For example ... . ä ë (MORE)