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What is Griff ball?

Griff Ball is a multiplayer gametype on the populour game halo 3, it invovles two teams playing each other at the sport called Griff Ball which itself is based on amrican foot (MORE)

What is the slang word griff?

I think it means "rumour" or "information received on the grapevine". It may have originated in the army during or before the Second World War. A book entitled "Memoirs of An (MORE)
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What do griffes eat?

Giraffes are plant eaters. They like to eat leaves from trees,flowers, and fruits. They will also eat vines and very littlegrass.

What is bigger griffe or dinosaurs?

There were many types of dinosaurs, some of which were much small than the giraffe. However, big dinosaurs were much larger than giraffes. The biggest known dinosaur, Argentin (MORE)