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What are the main differences between ASCII code and Unicode?

ASCII uses only 7-bit encoding and hence it does not support any other language rather than American English. Unicode separates the concepts of code point, code unit and glyp (MORE)

Is prince's love symbol a Unicode character?

No it is not. According to the Unicode manual: Note, however, that the Unicode Standard does not encode idiosyncratic, personal, novel, or private-use characters, nor does i (MORE)

How to convert Pdf to unicode document?

If your pdf file is an editable format, you can use the PDF converter software in the related link below. The pdf Converter - PDF-Zilla can convert pdf file into word docs. (MORE)

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What are properties?

Properties can be defined as specific states of matter and physical  properties are used to describe and observe matter. In science,  properties include gas, solid, or liqui (MORE)

What are the advantages of unicode compared to ascii?

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) ensures  that every system maps the same 7-bit ASCII code to the same symbol  (known as a glyph) regardless of whi (MORE)

How many bits used per character in unicode?

Depends on what you refer to as Unicode. Typically the ones you  will see is UTF-8 which uses from up to one to three bytes per  character (the two or three-byte characters (MORE)

Why was unicode invented?

The old system, ASCII, was not big enough to handle all the  different languages and symbols that exist.
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