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How do you decode Unicode?

Answer   That depends on your situation. If you have a Unicode-encoded file that you wish to read, you can try to open it with a Unicode-enabled editor, such as SC Unipad (MORE)

What is Unicode?

An international encoding standard for use with different languages and scripts, by which each letter, digit, or symbol is assigned a unique numeric value that applies across (MORE)

How do you unicode TM?

By copying and pasting this: ™ ™ is Unicode character x0099 [that's a hexadecimal number, hence the x]. Unfortunately whilst Unicode standardises the character set its (MORE)

How do you type in Unicode?

  In a number of ways, depending on which operating system you are running and which utilities you have installed. See which is a site (MORE)

Why was Unicode created?

256 different characters is not enough Unicode enables the reliable store most of the world's characters in a (2 byte) fixed width mode with 65,564 characters.
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How does unicode relate to ascii?

UNICODE and ASCII are related in that they are both used to  exchange information, primarily in the form of text (plain-text as  opposed to typography). That is, when we wan (MORE)

Why was unicode invented?

The old system, ASCII, was not big enough to handle all the  different languages and symbols that exist.
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