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What are interfaces?

Interfaces refer to programs or devices that enable a given user to  communicate with the computer. It also refers to a point where two  organizations and subjects interact. (MORE)

What is interface in oops?

An object is the most primitive element of a program written in the OOP language.A method of an object defines the set of operations that the object will execute when a messag (MORE)

How do you interface 3-multiplexed 7-segment displays with 8051or5052or--53--54--55 microcontroller to display a random number from 000 to 999 with 1sec delay?

  You should use a mechanism called persistance of vision for interfacing multiple seven segment displays. here is tutorial for mulplexing displays using 8051 microcontr (MORE)

How many interfaces are there?

There are nearly an infinite number of "interfaces." You need to clarify the question: Interfaces to what?
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What does midi interface do?

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and allows you to connect any electronic instrument to your computer so that using software, such as Logic or Reason, you (MORE)

Why was Italy Unified?

The unification of Italy occurred in 1815. The unification came as  the Napoleonic rule crumbled, and there was a need to unite the  different states of Italy under one umbr (MORE)

What is an interface diagram?

A diagram showing the connections, line terminations, etc.  needed to connect a specific type of signal interface to a system.    In addition to this diagram a tabular (MORE)
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What is unified communication?

Unified communications systems typically include the means to  integrate real-time or near-real time unified messaging,  collaboration and interactive systems. For example, (MORE)

What is an interface in technology?

Interface is the boundary across which two independent systems communicate with each other. In computer technology, there are many types of interfaces such as user interface, (MORE)