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Which are unintentional torts?

An unintentional tort is an accident that is done withoutintention. The accident may lead to financial loss, injury orproperty damage with the person considered being negligen (MORE)
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What is an example of an unintentional medical tort?

When scientists were researching for acne medicine, they unintentionally made Rogane (product that stimulates hair growth). Another unintentional medical benefit is Viagra. Yo (MORE)
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What is a unintentional tort?

An unintentional tort is what most torts are. The opposite of an intentional tort-something that is done on accident that seriously injures or kills another person but can be (MORE)
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What is unintentional plagiarism?

Unintentional plagiarism is when someone else's work is copiedpartially or exactly without proper citations. This is especiallycommon when using parts from works that are not (MORE)
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What is the origin of unintentional?

Let's start with the root of the word: intend. This comes from the Old French word intendre , meaning "to direct one's attention to." It's a construction from in + tendre (MORE)
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What does Unintentioned mean?

it means you are a sap and you done crap in schoool and you dont have a life this was written by josh nichols and he lies !!!
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What were the unintentional consequences of the crusades?

I don't think there were any 'unintentional' consequences of the Crusades. War does not bring with it a softening and a harmonious spirit. The official version of march throu (MORE)
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What does un mean for the morpheme unintentional?

"Un" is a negation-prefix. For example, "intentional" means "on purpose" and "unintentional" means "not on purpose" or "contrary to purpose".
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What is unintentional discrimination?

unintentional discrimination is unintended acts, behavior, terminology, or procedures that tend to favor males over females.