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What is the origin of unintentional?

Let's start with the root of the word: intend. This comes from the Old French word intendre, meaning "to direct one's attention to." It's a construction from in + tendre, wh (MORE)

What were the unintentional consequences of the crusades?

I don't think there were any 'unintentional' consequences of the Crusades. War does not bring with it a softening and a harmonious spirit. The official version of march throug (MORE)
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What is unintentional behavior?

Unintentional behavior is when the person engages into a group or fall in a certain habit that are acquired from others.(it could be good or bad one) Good luck, Dr. Waleed Al (MORE)
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What does un mean for the morpheme unintentional?

"Un" is a negation-prefix. For example, "intentional" means "on purpose" and "unintentional" means "not on purpose" or "contrary to purpose".
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