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How long does it take united parcel service to reach California from Virginia?

That depends what service level is chosen. A parcel send by Ground service from Virginia to California typically takes 5 business days. Other service level options are: 3-Day (MORE)

What are the Technologies used by United Parcel Service?

Answer: Since 1985 UPS began to improve their data networking applications. They built up their IT network and database in order to collect and track over 200data elements for (MORE)

What is USPS package services parcel?

Basicallly 'Parcel Post' non trackable USPS 'Delivery Confirmation' only. Which can take 2 - 10 days even if around the corner from you. Some track info will be available but (MORE)
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Where is my parcel?

hi my name is estephane love salvador peter Philip send me a parcel...can u tell where can i take his package?im in Dubai now..tnxs

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