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In any state do you have to vote in the primary election in order to vote in the presidential election in November?

No, voting in the primaries is NOT a requirement in order to be  able to vote in the presidential election.   HOWEVER   Some states remove voters from the rolls if th (MORE)

Explain what a presidential primary is?

Candidates go around the country and get The parties narrow down their candidates to determine who will represent their party and views in the next presidential election. In o (MORE)

What is a presidential primary?

That is an election held by a political party as part of the  process of nominating a candidate to represent the party in the  presidential election.
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How does the presidential primary or caucus work in each state and in the National Party Conventions?

  Best Answer - Chosen by Asker   ok I will try to make this short. The primaries and caucuses in an election years start in January and go until June. Each party g (MORE)

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