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Is Hulk the strongest character in the Marvel Universe?

i would say yes he is cause the more rage he puts out the more powerful he is so if superman was to fight the hulk they wud either tie or fight to the end but for hulk there i (MORE)

Which character comprise the c character set?

C does not use, nor requires the use of, every character found on a modern computer keyboard. The only characters required by the C Programming Language are as follows:A - Za (MORE)

How does the setting in a book affect the character?

That's entirely up to the writer. The possibilities of such a  manipulation are many and varied. Often setting is independent of  characters and plot, for example: what is t (MORE)

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How do you set character on level editor on Happy Wheels?

Step 1: You select the character with the selection tool (1)   Step 2: Highlight your character.   Step 3: Then you move the slider found in the new window to choose  t (MORE)

Are the character setting and dialogs realistic and timely in Dennis the menace?

They were for their time. Care is taken in practically all situation comedies to avoid too tight a chronology- one seldom sees calendars, characters do not normally observe bi (MORE)

How does the setting affect the story's characters?

The characters are in a situation, and need to fulfill a "duty" to  create that specific location important in the story. Example, the  characters are at a fair. They are go (MORE)