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What does unprecedented mean?

Unprecedented means nothing like something has ever happened before, or nothing is equal to it. An example sentence for unprecedented is : Einstein's research that later becam ( Full Answer )
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What is unprecedented?

1. without previous instance. 2. never before known or experienced. 3. unexample or unparalleled. 4. an unprecedented event
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What is a sentence using the word unprecedented?

(UNPRECEDENTED : without any earlier (similar) circumstance or occurrence) "The mayor noted an unprecedented increase in traffic on the town's streets." "The number of war ( Full Answer )
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What part of speech is unprecedented?

The word unprecedented is an adjective. It describes something that has never before been seen.
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What made the Great War a war on an unprecedented scale?

WW I, also known as the Great War (or in Russia, the Great Patriotic War) was unprecedented because it was the first major war fought with industrial age technology. There had ( Full Answer )
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Why has English achieved unprecedented acceptance globally?

Thanks to the former glory of the British Empire, to the rising fate of America after WW2, to the fact that the English were the first to travel abroad (while refusing to lear ( Full Answer )
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Why was the plantation system unprecedented?

The plantation system was unprecedented because it didn't exist inEurope. The system divided land into smaller units with the smallerunits being under private ownership.