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What is unreasonable classification?

Unreasonable classification may be defined as classification thatdoes not consider all essential factors. This is a generalclassification which does not apply logic and ration ( Full Answer )
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Why are teachers unreasonable?

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What is the root for unreasonable?

Reason is the root of unreasonable. The un- prefix reverses themeaning, and the -able suffix makes it an adjective. So it meansthe state of lacking reason.
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Is blasting on real estate unreasonable?

In most jurisdictions you would need a permit to engage in "blasting". If you want to do something that makes a loud sound like a blast on real estate that is nearby residence ( Full Answer )
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What is an unreasoning manner?

An 'unreasoning manner' means that individual is unreasonable and always feel they are right and will not listen to others opinions or come to an amicable agreement.
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What is unreasonable precautionary demand?

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Am I being unreasonable?

If you truly belive that he or she or it is really cheating, you aren't being unreasonable at all. You deserve the best relationship you can get and if some butt of a person i ( Full Answer )
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Can you get pulled over for an unreasonable suspicion?

In our opinions, yes, it can seem as if officers pull over citizens for a reason that doesn't make sense to us. However, they are just doing their job. For all you know, they ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between irrational and unreasonable?

Unreasonable refers to the violation of a qualitative expectation. For example, When I told my daughter that she would have to go to the doctor, she behaved unreasonably by th ( Full Answer )