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What do you do when your narcissistic mother and sister team up to turn your teenage children against you?

the best solution would be to tell your children what is going on, and tell them the truth about their grandmother and aunt. Maybe get your husband/spouse to help you with thi (MORE)

Who came up with the Berlin Wall?

Nikita Khrushchev    Krushchev was getting really mad at East Germany because so many of its citizens were defecting into West Berlin. He gave Walter Ulbricht, general s (MORE)

Is Mothers Against Drunk Driving a book?

No MADD is an organization started by Candace Lightner, a mother whose 13 year old daughter was tragically rundown (hit and run) near her home in CA, by a man whose prior alco (MORE)

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What are cell wall made up of?

Plant cell walls are primarily cellulose in construction. Bacterial cell walls are made of a material called peptidoglycan. The cell walls of fungi are made of chitin.
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How do you run up walls?

A wall run is a basic PK move, where a person runs up a wall without support. The first step is to run towards the wall at a good pace, if you find you keep slipping, feel fre (MORE)

Why does Hamlet rage against his mother?

Because she married the brother of her very recently dead husband. Her first husband was both the previous king and Hamlet's father. Hamlet eventually learns that his uncle, n (MORE)