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What was the Sepoy Rebellion?

The Sepoy rebellion was set off between the British and theIndians. Indian soldiers that worked for the British during theBritish rule were known as the sepoys. When British s (MORE)

Where is Canada?

Canada is directly north of the United States, in North America. To  the EASTTT of Canada is the Atlantic Ocean, to the West is the  Pacific Ocean, and to the north is the A (MORE)
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How do get to Canada?

It all depends on where you are.   If you're coming from the northern US or Alaska, you can probably drive to the border. There are ferries from New England to the Mariti (MORE)

Is rebellion a noun?

Yes, rebellion is a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for an action or process of resisting authority, control, or convention; a thing. Example sentence: The rebellion (MORE)

What is a slave rebellion?

  Answer   A slave rebellion is when slaves organize an attack against their masters. They often spoke in coded messages or in their native languages to keep their ma (MORE)

What is Canada?

Canada is a country north of the United States, with a population of around 40 Million. It is the 2nd Largest Country in the World, and a Member of The Commonwealth, NATO, NAF (MORE)
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What is there to do in Canada?

About as much to do as in any other place in the world. Lots of tourism in the maritimes, and central canada. Camping throughout the west. Sports venues. about anything you ca (MORE)
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How can you get a will in Canada?

Each province is different. You could check a website for the provincial government that you live in to see if a holograph will is acceptable. That is one that you write yours (MORE)

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