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What is the Standard of Ur?

The standard of Ur is the sumerians civlisation type of box it has 1 side called the "war" side and the "peace" side the standard of Ur shows what there civlisation did . this (MORE)

Where is Ur?

It was a city in what is now called Iraq. The exact location and History Ur was the original place ofoccupation stated in the Bible for Abraham. As per the biblestating the (MORE)

What is Ur?

An ancient Sumerian city located in southeast Iraq. Biblically, the birthplace of Abraham.. ur was a name of a city in mesopotamia
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Where was the city of Ur?

It was in the country of ancient Sumer, also known by other later countries as the area of Babylonia, Chaldea, Mesopotamia, and modern-day Iraq. It was located upstream from (MORE)

What was Ur?

h ay d kuh rin poh lam eh.... in English ....... i don't know too............ just ask to ader nuh.
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What words have ure in them?

Examples of words with 'ure' in them are: adventure agriculture allure architecture assure azure brochure bureau capture culture cure demure denture duress encl (MORE)

When was Ur sacked?

well you see... when Ur was sacked, he died. Most people think Urwas not sacked, but BALL sacked. i hope this helps. have a niceday. :)