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What happened to the USS enterprise?

Historically, the most unfortunate thing the United States ever did, was to scrap their most decorated USN warship, the USS Enterprise CV-6. The Enterprise was saved for prese (MORE)

What does USS stand for in USS Enterprise?

In Gene Roddenberry's original Star Trek pitch, the starship is described as a "United Space Ship." Also, in the original pilot "The Cage," the enterprise is refered to as the (MORE)

What is the status of the USS Enterprise?

As of June 2012, the USS Enterprise was finishing it's last deployment. It is scheduled to come back to its home port in October 2012 and the ship will probably be de-comissio (MORE)

What does USS mean in USS Enterprise?

USS means United States Ship CVN stands for aircraft carrier, fixed wing (vice rotating wings as on helicopters) and nuclear powered
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What does the 65 stand for on the uss enterprise?

CVN-65 is the 65th Fleet Carrier designated to be built; some carriers were assigned a number and never buillt, consequently their number was skipped, so there were not 65 air (MORE)

What was the USS Arizona?

The USS Arizona was one of our battleships that was sunk at Pearl  Harbor, Hawaii December 7, 1941 at the start of the war with Japan.  A surprize early morning sneak attack (MORE)

Uss taluga hit by uss navasota during refueling of uss noa?

Yes; date not known, but Taluga was consolidating with Navasota on Yankee Station, prior to returning to Subic Bay. Navasota to port, Noa to starboard when Navasota experience (MORE)

What was the USS Hornet?

    There have been several ships named HORNET. The most famous one was an aircraft carrier during WW2. General Doolittle lead a flight of B-25 bombers who launched (MORE)
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Where is the uss ranger?

USS Ranger (CV-61) is currently at the Inactive Ship  facility in Bremerton, Washington. The Ranger Foundation is or has  bought her and she is going to be moved to Fairfiel (MORE)