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Who invented the Uzi?

The Uzi was invented by and Israeli Arms Expert who resided in Israel. His name was Uziel Gal. he was also a renowned Pedophile.
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Where I can buy a UZI?

One may order or purchase any Class 1 UZI (semi automatic) from or through any registered FFL dealer. To purchase a Class 3 UZI (fully automatic) one must purchase a Class 3 l (MORE)
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Where you can buy a UZI?

You can't buy submachine guns any where legally but you can purchase one illegally throw smuggling them, another way is you can join the armed forces and you can be inti tiled (MORE)
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When was the uzi invented?

The UZI Sub Machine Gun was invented in Israel in 1985 when designs were made after a battle between Isreali and Haamas Forces had a skirmish in 1984 when a tank seargent in t (MORE)
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Where to get a Uzi on Dead Rising?

In Willamette Mall, there are many hidden weapons. The UZI which is a hand held machine gun, is easy to find. When you are going to the security room, there is a flight of sta (MORE)
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What do mini uzis look like?

They are shaped like the Uzi but smaller, comparable in size to a MAC10 Ingram. The stock folds to one side on the Mini Uzi instead of under the receiver as on the full-sized (MORE)
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Are uzi guns legal in Florida?

Yes. For machineguns, you must follow Federal law on registration and the payment of transfer taxes, but they are legal. If the Uzi is a semi-automatic only gun, then it is l (MORE)
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Who is Uzi Boo?

Uzi Boo is a rapper from Chicago, ILL....he is a member of the Almighty Insane Latin Counts Nation.............
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Which is faster an uzi or a mini uzi?

Mini Uzi has a faster rate of fire (cyclic rate of around 1100rounds per minute vs. 600 rounds per minute).