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Is vacation a noun?

The word 'vacation' is both a noun (vacation, vacations) and  a verb (vacation, vacations, vacationing, vacationed).   The noun 'vacation' is a word for a period of respi (MORE)

What rhymes with vacation?

combination creation cremation elation sensation temptation conversation imagination illusion Try a rhyming dictionary for more answers.    inflation elatio (MORE)

What is a 'farm' vacation?

I have never heard of a farm vacation. If you are in the farming profession you usually never vacation because someone has to take care of the animals 24/7. Some people from c (MORE)

Is vacation a pronoun?

No, the word 'vacation' is a noun, a word for a period spent  away from home, school, or business; a word for a thing.    A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a (MORE)

What is an lifetime vacation?

A holiday for the rest of your life; so if you retired from teaching, you could go on a lifetime vacation and buy a house on a beach and sunbathe and chill for the rest of you (MORE)

What can you do in your vacations?

 There are various kinds of things to do lot of fun and adventure  . It depend upon the place you are visiting . You can visit various  places go for shopping, restaurant (MORE)