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What rhymes with vacation?

combination creation cremation elation sensation temptation conversation imagination illusion Try a rhyming dictionary for more answers. Answer inflation e (MORE)

What is a vacation?

ANSWER: Sweetie your question is not about cheating. but if you must know, vacation is where people, family spent time together away from home, without working on regular ho (MORE)

What is to vacate?

Vacate means to leave. An example of vacate would be that when alease on an apartment is up, you can either choose to renew yourlease or vacate the premises.

What do you do on vacations?

I usually go skiing and snowboarding. I always make a plan ahead oftime about the trip and do all the reservation before going to theplace.
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Have a great vacation?

In Italian "Have a great vacation"is said "Buona vacanza", literally is "Abbi una buona vancanza" or "Fai una buona vacanza" but is more used and more correct "Buona vacanza". (MORE)

Do you earn vacation time on vacation?

Yes and went to this beautiful golf vacation place that is known for its natural beauty, unspoiled beaches and world-class fishing, Stuart/Port St. Lucie is located in the hea (MORE)

When do you get a vacation?

In this era life become fast and busy. As per my view vacation isgreat way to get relaxtion. There are many travel destination inthe whole world. But I like brazil to spend my (MORE)

What can you do in your vacations?

There are various kinds of things to do lot of fun and adventure. It depend upon the place you are visiting . You can visit variousplaces go for shopping, restaurants and do v (MORE)