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What is Valerian root?

sedative . Valerian root is a sedative herb used for anxiety and certain types of pain, among other things. Do not mix with alcohol. My source for this is 'Prescription f ( Full Answer )
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What is valerian used for?

Valerian is a root that is used for relaxation. It can help you sleep or can be used in smaller doses to help relieve anxiety.
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Where is the valerian plant on HorseIsle?

The valerian plant is near Rainy Meadows on the largest isle connected to Jungle Isle. Kiah will tell you where they are: south in the jungle near rocks.
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What are the effects of Valerian?

Valerian is often used as an alternative herbal treatment forinsomnia. It has sedative properties and is also sometimes used asan alternative treatment for anxiety disorders.
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Why would Valerian hype up?

Valerian is high in salicylate. Some people can't metabolise salicylates well and react to things like Asprin, orange juice, strawberries. They may have histories of things li ( Full Answer )
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Is Valerian addictive?

Valerian is generally belived to be non-addictive. However, there have been some reports of withdrawal symptoms after long-term use, so the short answer is that it isn't reall ( Full Answer )
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Where does the valerian grow?

It is native to Europe and Asia, and naturalized in North America. Valerian, Valeriana officinalis L., is an herbaceous perennial. You can find it growing wild in 21 northern ( Full Answer )
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How is valerian taken?

The herb may be drunk as an herbal tea, used as a tincture, or swallowed in capsule form one hour before bedtime.
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Where was Valerian the roman emperor born?

There is no exact date given for the birth of emperor Valerian. Some sources say he was born as early as 193 while others claim he was born in 200. There is no exact date giv ( Full Answer )
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What is the herb valerian?

Valerian is an herb or dietary supplement usually sold in the form of capsules. It is extracted from the root of the valerian plant and used as a sleep aid.