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Do grasshoppers ventilate?

Yes, grasshoppers do ventilate. When they contract the muscles in  their abdomen, it forces air out through the tracheae. The abdomen  goes back to its normal state when the (MORE)

What is a ventilator?

In general, anything that circulates fresh air and removes stale air. In its simplest form, a fan. In medical terminology, it is a device that assists a patient's breathing.
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How does a ventilator work?

Ventilators blow air-or air with extra oxygen-into the airways and then the lungs. The airways are pipes that carry oxygen-rich air to your lungs. They also carry carbon dioxi (MORE)

Who invented ventilator?

The ventilator originates from the Iron Lung which was invented by Philip Drinker and Louis Agassiz Shaw. In 1931, the Iron Lung was improved to become the ventilator by John (MORE)