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Does the veronicas have boyfriends?

  Lisa is said to be dating reeve carney     But no one knows for sure, there are other rumors about lead singer of Short Stack, Shaun Diviney, is dating Lisa.  (MORE)

Where did the veronicas get their name from?

They were really called 'Lisa and Jess' and 'Teal' But when they got big they named themselves The Veronicas. They got it from The Archie Comic, you know Betty and Veronica (MORE)

What is veronica Mars?

Veronica Mars was a television series about a high school girl of the same name who solved local mysteries along with her detective father. It aired from 2004-2007 but was can (MORE)

Are the Veronicas Christian?

  No, they are not, they are not very religious, but they have admitted in an interview with Girlfriend magazine that they believe that someone is up there but they don't (MORE)

What gospel is veronica in?

She is in the Passion accounts- and the lead female character in the Passion Play. the means True image. you see, Divine Master, I was covering this event for the Jerusalem Po (MORE)

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Will the world end in 2031?

A:   The year 2031 is a better choice for the end of the world than some  other recent apocalypse. If the year is to close in the future, all  we have to do is wait a sh (MORE)