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Can you pull a verruca?

No, you should never try to scrape, pull or pick at warts, that is how you can spread them on your body and to other people. They are caused by a virus, so wash your hands wel (MORE)
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Do verrucas go away?

Depends on your age, the longest is meant to be 2 years but ive had mine for 8, use bazzka that verruca or get them frozen off, dont leave them
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Is verruca a bacteria?

No, a verruca is a virus. It is actually an expression of the HPV virus.
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Can you do PE with verruca?

Yes you can do PE with a verruca as long as you have it covered and do not get it wet. Infection is spread when the verruca releases virus infected cells onto surfaces e.g. fl (MORE)

What is a verruca?

  Answer   It is another name for a wart.   Answer   A plantar wart (verruca plantaris, VP; also commonly called a verruca) is a wart caused by the human pa (MORE)
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What happens when you pick your verrucas?

If you pick your verrucas it will grow back and could spread around the body parts that you touch after if you don't wash your hands. You can even catch it on your hand.

How do you get rid of verrucas?

buy verruca treatment and file your verrucas and warts every night. Use Manuka Honey- It worked for me. I had massive verrucas and I went to a chiropodist and she recommended (MORE)

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Can a verruca spread to your mouth or throat?

This is the grossest thing ever but I am treating a verruca on my  toe with sacylic acid and last night, the scab came of the top of  it. I was sleepy so I put the scab in a (MORE)