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What is a casino?

A casino is a place where people go to gamble. There are casinos  that only have slot machines and casinos that have a variety of  table games as well as slots. Table games (MORE)
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How do you beat the casinos?

Count cards at the Blackjack tables, or have an inside man.   Please note that if you get caught counting cards you will not be allowed to play in any casinos. As far as be (MORE)
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Can you take casino chips from a casino?

Yes. And they will be accepted at other casinos. To improve the answer: MOST casinos will accept chips from MOST other casinos in the same area, but not all. Occassionally, I (MORE)
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Is Bodog Casino an online casino?

Yes, Bodog is an online casino and they have recently gone through many changes in 2011 due to changes in the law, so if you plan to play there, make sure that you take the ti (MORE)
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What are casinos?

Casino is a facility which houses and accommodates certain type of  gambling activities. casinos are most commonly built near or  combined with hotels ,restaurents and cruis (MORE)