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What are the top 10 violin concertos?

  In no particular order, the top ten violin concertos are:   * Violin Concerto in D Minor- Sibelius  * Violin Concerto in D Major- Tchaikovsky  * Violin Concerto in (MORE)

How many violin concertos did Beethoven write?

Beethoven wwrote just one violin concerto: the Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 61, written in 1806.
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Who composed Violin Concerto in E minor?

There are many violin concertos in the key of e-minor, but the most famous by far was written by Felix Mendelssohn. His e-minor concerto is one of the standards of the violin (MORE)

What is concertoes?

  Concertos (no"e") are lengthy pieces of music, almost always in three movements, written for a soloist - most often, but by no means exclusively, a pianist or violinist (MORE)

Who recorded the Sibelius violin concerto?

TheRE IS ONLY ONE V.C. COMPOSED BY sibelius.This is available on Amazon.I play it about once a week.THERE is only one v.c. composed by Sibelius.There are terrific versions by (MORE)

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