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What is a visual?

usually it is a colorful diagram or picture that describes a report or project. examples:. (microsofts) PowerPoint production . diagram . picture . diorama

What does visual mean?

Visual means: . of, relating to, or used in vision . attained or maintained by sight . visible . done or executed by sight only . employing visual aids .
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What is a visual analogy?

The motto: "a picture is worth a thousand words" defines a visualanalogy. Visual analogy uses forms and pictures to teach conceptsfor learning.

What is visual kei?

It's a sub-genre of JROCK that caters mostly (but not all) to glam rock, gothic rock and punk rock. Also, it could pertain to a certain fashion.. For more info,you can check (MORE)

What is visual?

it is something you can see like in your mind' because you are visualizing something in your mind EXAMPLE:i was visualizing my friends party.

What is Visual Cadd?

Visual Cadd is a super-productive 2D design and drafting software for a very reasonable price. You can try out Visual CADD 5 by downloading the 30 day trial. This is a fully (MORE)
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What is Fundus not visualized?

When an eye exam is given, the Fundus may not be seen. This usuallyoccurs when drops to dilate the eye are not given.