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What is a walleye?

Walleye Pike ... not! . Sanders vitreus vitreus is a freshwater perciform. Although sometimes called a Pike, the walleye is not related to the pike.. The Walleye is nati ( Full Answer )
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What is the habitat of walleye?

Walleye's tend to stay near the bottom of a lake or river duringthe day. They stay 15-30 feet below the surface when the sun is outdue to sensitive eyes. You can find them clo ( Full Answer )
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What do walleye eat?

my baby walleye tried to eat a dead tadpole it killed. they are very aggresive to so another walleye would work to. but it must be small
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How big do walleye get?

Walleye typically grow to be about 80 centimeters in length. Thelargest walleye ever recorded was over 100 centimeters in length.
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When do walleye spawn?

march in the south,may in northern climates. Rule of thumb, when the water reaches 52F degrees.
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What eats walleyes?

Adults have few predators.Man,eagles,ospreys and otters chief among them.Young are preyed upon by a host of other fish species.Including smallmouth bass,muskellunge,northern p ( Full Answer )
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Where do walleye live?

Rivers and lakes of Canada and the northern sections of the US, and in the Appalachian mountains to NC.
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What adaptations does a walleye have?

The Walleye's natural enemies are bigger fish and birds. It camouflages itself by its color blending in with the things in the water. They camouflage itself, so it can eat its ( Full Answer )
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How do you barbecue walleye?

Here is a good recipe for fish on the grill: Place filets in a foil pan, and cover with Italian or peppercorn salad dressing. Cover the pan with foil, and poke several holes i ( Full Answer )
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What is the length of a walleye?

Depends on what walleye you get or catch they can be any size normally depending on age.