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What does the nspcc charity do?

NSPCC is a national charity based organization, or Voluntary Organisation. The NSPCC is the UK's leading charity, specialising in child protection and the prevention of cruelt (MORE)

What do charities do?

you can put money in the charity pot to help them raise money for hospitals and for the people that need it. some charities have shops so you can go to them and buy clothes an (MORE)
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Who is St. Charity?

Saint Charity is the daughter of St. Sofia.  Her sisters were faith and hope. she was killed for her faith, they threw her in a burning coldren, when she did not die, they (MORE)
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Why get involved in charities?

To help the poor people who can't afford to have the life that the middle and high class people live, and because they're not only short of money, but some of them live on the (MORE)
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What are some legitimate child charities?

Here are some of the legitimate child charities that you can work for and help: Human Rights, Child Protection, Cancer, AIDS, Youth Development and Hunger.
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Did Julia Child do any Charity work?

i am a big fan Julia too and i found that she had a stroke and after that she did public speaking, She even provided a cartoon voice for a children's video. In August 1992 170 (MORE)

What was the worst thing about being a child in World War 2?

I would imagine being a child in Hiroshima or Nagasaki is up there. WWII was one of the most violent episodes in world history ever. Technology allowed for entire cities to be (MORE)