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Properties of watercolor?

Watercolors tend to spread out very easily over your paper if you add a lot of water. That's why people often say it's hard to control watercolor. However, it's really easy (MORE)

How do you watercolor paint?

Watercolor painting is very easy if you get the correct amount of water on your paper or in your brush. You would need to read a book or take a few lessons. It's like riding a (MORE)

What does a watercolor artist do?

Watercolor is a type of visual art. Colors are simply dissolved in water and applied to paper or other material using a small brush. Serious artists usually use tempera or oil (MORE)

How do you seal watercolors?

In the professional art world, watercolors are typically matted with an acid-free matte and then set with glass into a fine art frame. Using a sealant may compromise the integ (MORE)

What is watercolor art?

it is art of painting with water colors in this there are different techniques in this >spray painting >tube painting >brush painting etc. it is basically and simp (MORE)

Where can you get watercolor?

Cheap watercolor paints can be found almost anywhere. If a department store has a craft section, you will most likely be able to find them there. Similarily, watercolors can o (MORE)

Who created watercolors?

Watercolor paints originated in England and were developed in the late 18th century and 19th century. The first produced were made of dry cakes or pans. The French developed (MORE)