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What is the meaning for wedding?

Basic wedding mean that when a man and woman do marriage in legal  way and on this occoussion all his relatives, friends are available  and enjoy that moments is called wedd (MORE)

Was the Royal Wedding a Protestant wedding?

the royal family are not protestants, they are anglicons and that is more akin to the catholic religion ,there are a lot of ignorant people out there it was not a protestant w (MORE)

Meaning of wedding ring on wedding?

Wedding rings embody the continuous flow of love, a circle symbolizes eternity, where there is no beginning or end. It is believed that love moves constantly in the media for (MORE)

What is a wedding planner?

Technically, a wedding planner is someone who helps you plan your  wedding. A wedding planner is the one responsible for setting  appointments and bookings for the wedding v (MORE)

How do we plan a wedding?

It's always a good idea to have beautiful live music at a wedding.  Try to book performers that match your theme, such as a classical  pianist or string quartet for more for (MORE)

What is a wedding processional?

  Sing it with me: "Here Comes the Bride... All Dressed in White..." A Wedding Processional announces the bride's entry and is the music that accompanies the bride (and (MORE)