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What is a guard and a point guard?

a point guard is the person with the ball handling skills and brings the ball up court and calls the plays. It is usually the leader. the point guard is best at passing and sh (MORE)

What did the home guard do?

Most of the men in the Home Guard had full time jobs and trained in the evenings. As well as preparing themselves to be ready to fight off a German invasion, the Home Guard al (MORE)

How do you get into a party?

You first have to get invited to a party. Which means you have to be the party type person. No one will want to invite you in your boring and not to fun to hang out with.So be (MORE)

What is the European country that guards the western entrance to the Mediterranean Sea?

Of the European countries, the Western entrance of the Mediterranean is guarded primarily by Spain, but also by the United Kingdom on account of Gibraltar. Morocco also guar (MORE)

What to do on a party?

what u do at a party depends on if your hosting it or its someone else's party. if its your party:- *be a good host *have a few party games *talk a little about what going on (MORE)

Red guards and what did they do?

The Red Guards are a group of students and young workers who follow  the teachings of Mao Zedong. The Red Guards would visit  universities and other schools and spred the te (MORE)

Who is the best shooting guard in the western conference behind Kobe Bryant?

  When healthy, Tracy McGrady is without a shadow of a doubt the second best shooting guard in the West and the fourth best shooting guard in the NBA behind Allen Iverson, (MORE)