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What are the Western Sahara tribes?

The Western Sahara Tribes are basicly: - Reguibat with many fractions and subfractios - Oulad Dlim - Oulad Tidrarin - Tekna with many fractions and subfractios - Laa (MORE)

Is Western Sahara occupied by Morocco?

Yes. Western Sahara was annexed by Morocco in contravention to UN  law in the 1975 Green March. Although the Polisario Front (the  Sahroui rebels) control some of the countr (MORE)
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Why are Algeria and Morocco fighting over the border of Western Sahara?

Algeria wants (1) to end the Moroccan Occupation of the country and  (2) to get revenge on Morocco for the Sands War of 1981-1982.    Morocco believes that Western Sah (MORE)

Is western Sahara a Developing Or Developed Nation?

I don't even know if the Country of Western Sahara could even be  called 'developing'. Western Sahara is part of the Sahara Dessert,  the second largest dessert on earth (An (MORE)