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What are characteristics of sacred music from the Medieval Period?

Early medieval sacred music had a homophonic, or one line  structure, such as Gregorian chants. Its sole quality was free  flowing with some syllables extended out over seve (MORE)

What is medieval times?

Medieval times is a term used to refer to the middle ages, which is the time period from antiquity to the Renaissance, which is from about 475 to 1450 AD.   Medieval Times (MORE)

What is the time span for the Medieval period?

410 AD to 1400. ----- The dates most commonly given by historians for the Middle Ages are 476 to 1453. Many historians point out that these dates are too precise, as they giv (MORE)

What did leaches heal in Medieval Times?

Leeches actually heal very little; there are few diseases which can be successfully treated by causing the patient to lose blood. Leeches were widely used in the middle ages f (MORE)

What communications did the medieval times have?

1st Answer One and it was verbal. One person had to tell another person of an event. The churches did make stain glass windows to tell bible stories so this could be considere (MORE)

What are the Medieval Times?

The Medieval times in Europe were a time of castles, kings and  princesses. The Medieval times were also a time that plague ravaged  Europe and many countries were at war wi (MORE)

Did medieval craftsmen knit in the medieval times?

According to the Wikipedia article on knitting, our oldest examples of knitted fabric come from Egypt of the first millennium AD, which would seem to put the invention of knit (MORE)