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Where does the jet stream start?

The jet stream is a narrow band that moves around the Earth at  relatively high speeds. The jet steam is located near the  tropopause, the transition between the troposphere (MORE)

Which way does the jet stream travel?

In the US, it generally travels from west to EAST. It can have vary a lot and can dip towards South and abruptly back to the North at times.   The Jet Streams also account (MORE)

What is the stream behind a jet called?

The condensate or "con" trail. There can be two sources. Water is a significant component of efficient fossil fuel combustion. When this hot water (essentially dry steam) exit (MORE)

What is attached to the jet stream?

Low Pressure Systems are embedded within and travel along with the Jet Stream. At the Alaskan Panhandle resides what is termed "The Mother Low"; it spawns the Lows that trave (MORE)

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What does the jet stream do to the air?

Jet streams give off chemicals that penetrate the air and trickle down to where we breathe. Streams also affect the weather because of the jets high speed, potentially causing (MORE)