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Nissan pathfinder revs keep going up and down whilst driving?

Could be one of several sensors or a vacuum leak. If your check engine light is on you should buy an inexpensive scanner at your local parts store. Scanner start at about $60. ( Full Answer )
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Why should you not smoke whilst pregnant?

beause the smoking can give your baby some problems im not saying it will happen to you im saying people who smoke all the time should at least only do 1 cigarette a week beca ( Full Answer )
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How do you make less surface area on a cylinder whilst keeping the same volume?

Volume = (area of base) x (height) = pi*r 2 *h Surface area of the cylinder (think of a soup can): the top and bottom are the same; each is pi*r 2 , then the wall of the ( Full Answer )
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Can you lose weight whilst sleeping?

Actually there is no scientific proof that you lose weight while you sleep. Having a good sleep can help boost the Leptin levels in your body. Leptin is responsible for curbin ( Full Answer )
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What can you not eat whilst on a diet?

You can eat a heathey balanced diet like instead of eating chips have a jacket potato and dont skip meals because you put more weight on that if you eat some thing so swap dif ( Full Answer )